Launching our new website

We are launching our new website today and featuring our app that is live in the iOS app store. While we are still testing, refining and working out some kinks, we invite you to download it and give us your … Read More

View your full schedule and team schedule

Reset your event RSVP’s

If your game time or date has changed you may want to reset your players RSVP’s.  We removed the automatic reset function as Captains did not like that happening.  So, we have just rolled out a new function that will … Read More

Updated photo upload functionality

We have been working on our photo upload functionality to support older version of Internet Explorer.  We are pushing out an update this morning which should correct any issues our users may have had while attempting to upload their photo … Read More

Posting scores for your events

You can now post scores to league matches from your homepage.  When you login to Ateamo you will see a popup like below:   Enter the score for both teams the click ‘Submit Result’.  Your score will be recorded and … Read More

Delete a player from your team

You can change the status of players on your team from ‘Active’ to ‘Inactive’ so that players that may not be playing with you this season you can remove them from any rosters.  If a player is not leaving year … Read More

Online Registration How-to

Below is the step-by-step process to register players for league play.  Please note that just because you have a player on your team that DOES NOT mean that they are automatically registered.  Go to your team manager by clicking on … Read More

Messages stuck in the queue

It appears that we had a number of messages stuck in the queue.  They were flushed out tonight.  Our apologies.

Lots of exciting updates coming this week

We have rebuilt the way that you message your team.  Now all of our emails and SMS messages are queued which will make your experience must faster.  The lastest updates to our API are about complete so that leagues and … Read More

Summer registration enhancements

We have rolled out some enhancements that will make it easier to invite or add players to your team.   Free Transfer Registrations The Austin Men’s Soccer Association has a free transfer rule in place for the summer.  If a … Read More