Player Management Updates

We have heard tons of feedback that the updates we made a few months ago were not ideal and made the management of players a bit confusing.  We have taken this feedback and today launched the latest update of our … Read More

Player Registration Process

The following are the screens that a player will see when they are registering:   Registration Notification Popup   Registration Form   Registration Confirmation   Registration Payment Checkout

Team Registration and Player Management Changes

We have made some changes to the way that Captains manage their team roster and register their players with leagues or tournaments.  Before each team would have two rosters, their players roster and their registered player roster.  This made it … Read More

Make a payment

When a player owes money to a team, league or group, they will see a large notification when they login to Ateamo.     Clicking on ‘View your balances’ to access the list of balances with each team or league. … Read More

Invite players to join your team

Managing your team’s roster is now much easier.  There is no limit on the number of players you can have on your team. To access your team’s roster, go to your team’s page and click on the ‘Manage Team’ button. … Read More

Receipts have been updated

To reflect the correct amount of the payment.

Edit your team’s colors and name

We added a new tab to the Team Manager today which allows you to edit your team’s colors (badge) and team name.  We’ll be adding additional information here in the next few days.   To update your team’s name, go … Read More

Removing players from your team

Your team can have as many players on it as you want.  If you have some players which no longer play on the team and/or you don’t want them to receive team messages, event reminders, etc. you can move them … Read MoreRead More

Need to remove a player from your roster?

You can now remove a player from your roster by moving their registration status to inactive. Change a Player’s Registration to Inactive 1. Go to your team’s manager page 2. Click on ‘Registrations’ and select the appropriate registration from the … Read More

Registration process for the Austin Fall Cup

We have received some questions about the registration process.  Below are the full details.   To register your players for the Austin Fall Cup they must first be on your team.  To get players on your team you simply add … Read More