Below is the step-by-step process to register players for league play.  Please note that just because you have a player on your team that DOES NOT mean that they are automatically registered. 

Go to your team manager by clicking on ‘Manage Team’ from the Teams quick nav



Register a new player

1. To add a new player to your team click on the + Add Player button



3. Enter the email for the player(s) and click submit.  If you would like to register the players make sure the checkbox is checked to register them for the appropriate league registration.



Your player will receive an invitation to join your team and will registered at that time.


Register a player already on your team

If you are registering a player that is already on your team all that you need to do is either click the grey arrow next to their name in the list.




You can select multiple players at the same time and then select the league registration from the dropdown at the bottom of the page.



That is all that you need to do to register players for the upcoming season.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

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