We have heard tons of feedback that the updates we made a few months ago were not ideal and made the management of players a bit confusing.  We have taken this feedback and today launched the latest update of our team player management page.  In this release we have moved the player registrations to a column in the players table.  We have also added functionality that allows you to change the status of players, give players captains access or register new players with just one click.  The updates are outlined below:

Jersey Number



The first column shows the jersey number that is entered for the player. This number will be displayed on the team roster when printed.  To edit the number, click on the edit-icon icon to edit the player data.


Captain Status



The second column in the list is shows whether the players has captains privileges.  You can grant these privileges by clicking on the grey checkmark or revoke them by clicking on the green icon.


Player Registration


The third column shows the player registration status.  You can register the player by clicking on the grey checkmark icon.  You can hover over each icon to see what they mean.  We show the status for ‘incomplete’ (the player needs to complete the form), ‘unpaid’ (the registration payment has not been made, ‘pending’ (the league needs to activate the registration, and ‘active’ (the player registration is complete and the player should show up on your roster).


Player Status



This column allows you to change the status of the player.  An inactive player will not see any updates from your team or see any events such as games or practices.  This player status does not effect the registration status for a player.  You can toggle the status by clicking on the icon.  If you see a invitation icon invite-iconthis means that the invitation has been sent to the player.


Edit Player



Finally, the last column has the edit player icon.  This allows you to edit the players information (photo, name, dob, gender and jersey number) so that their information is correct.  We will be making enhancements to this in the very near future.  Your players can select to not allow captains to edit this information if they like by updating their profile account settings.




Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback about these updates.  We hope that you find them useful and that they make the day to day job as a captain easier.


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