We have received some questions about the registration process.  Below are the full details.


To register your players for the Austin Fall Cup they must first be on your team.  To get players on your team you simply add their first name, last name and email address to the system.  Once you have done this you can then register them for the tournament.  Once you do this they will show up on your tournament roster.

Adding Players to your team

1) Go to your teams page.  You can find this by clicking on the “Team” icon at the top of the website and then selecting your team.


2) Click on the ‘Manage Team’ button.


3) Click on the ‘Players’ tab if you are not there already.  To add a new player click the blue ‘+ Add New Player(s)’ button.  

First name and last name are the only required fields.  If you include the email address then your player will receive an invitation to connect with the team.  This will allow them to RSVP for matches, view the schedule, etc.  If you are adding more than five players you can click on the + Add More link at the bottom and more rows will be available for you to add additional players.


Registering Players

1) click on the ‘Registrations’ tab and then select ‘Austin Fall Cup Player Registration’ from the drop down.  Players in white have not been registered.  Player in green have been registered.  A pending status means that the tournament director needs to activate the player.


2) Once you have selected the right players, click on the ‘Register Players’ button.  You will see a confirmation box.  Click submit again and your done.


A registration fee of $5.00/player applies to players who are not registered with a USSF affiliated organization.  Therefore if your players are not registered with the United States Specialty Sports Association, North Texas Soccer Association, the Texas State Soccer Association South or any other USSF affiliate league let us know and AMSA will register your players with USSF.  This is a liability requirement.  Don’t let the $5.00 fee prevent you from registering your players.   Only players which are registered will show up on your tournament roster


Tournament Rosters

Print your roster from your teams page by clicking on the ‘Print Roster’ link.

This will generate a PDF and download it or open it in your browser depending on your browsers settings.



Please let us know if you have any questions!

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