We have rolled out some enhancements that will make it easier to invite or add players to your team.


Free Transfer Registrations

The Austin Men’s Soccer Association has a free transfer rule in place for the summer.  If a player is already registered with another team for the 2012/13 season and you want to add them to your roster, you will see the following when you attempt to register them:




Add a player

Often times teams will merge in the summer.  To facilitate this we have created the ability for captains to add players to other teams that they are a captain of.  For example, if you are a captain of Team A and want to add them to another team, Team B (for which you are also a captain), you can bypass the invitation process and add them to your team.  To do this click on their photo or name from Team A’s page.  You will see the popup below:



Click on ‘Add Player to your team’ and you will then see the form to add them to another one of your teams.  You can also register them at the same time.  If they are eligible for a free summer transfer then they will not be charged a fee.


Invite a player

You can also search for players that may not already be on one of your teams.  However, you will not be able to add them but will instead invite them and they will then need to accept the invitation as before.  This allows you to invite them without knowing their email.  You start this process the same way.  You can search for a player by name using the new search form that is the top of each page.



you will see a list of players matching your search:



Click on the player name to view their profile




Click on the button at the top right ‘Add player to your team’ to see the same form as outlined above which will add them to your team.




Once you submit the form they will be invited and registered.




We hope these enhancements help you populate your roster for the summer.  If anything is not clear, please let us know!



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