• Connect with teammates

    Staying in contact has never been easier.

Chat with teammates

Send a quick message to the team or discuss the big game with your rival this weekend. With Ateamo you can discuss the game and send contextual notifications so that everything is in one app!

Know the weather before you leave

Ever get half way to your game to learn that the forecast is going to be nasty? Now you can view the entire forecast up to five days before your game. Also be notified when the status of your game changes to due to weather.

View your upcoming schedule and past results

View your entire upcoming schedule for all of your teams. Know when and where your next match is and know how many folks have RSVP’d in. You can also view all of your results to see how your team fared last week while you were out of town.

Making Game Day Easier

All of the information about your next game is at your fingertips

View Event Details

Quickly see the date, time and location for your event. Don’t remember what field number you’re on? It’s easy with Ateamo.

How many do we have?

Know how many players have RSVP ‘yes’ and quickly message those that have not responded.

Need directions?

Playing at a new field this weekend? Get directions to the fields at the tap of a finger.

Need more players?

Can you ever have enough?!? Send a quick reminder to everyone who has not responded.

What's the weather like?

We provide up to a five day forecast for the location. Get an early insight into the status of the event.

All else fails, call your captain

Call your captain to find out if you are supposed to be bringing the beer this week.

Start connecting today!

Ateamo of iOS is live in a limited release beta in the iTunes store. Download it today. Android is coming soon.

Do you manage a team?

Invite players, create private events and send messages to the entire group.

Interested in learning more?

We are committed to making it easier for athletes to connect, get out and be active. Everything we do is geared toward this goal. If you would like to find out more about us or are interested in using Ateamo for your organization, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.